Identification Centers: March 31st

We are excited about the massive interest in the CDA. We will have our next combine on Friday, March 31st, as well as future combines later this spring. We hope to see you there!

Friday, March 31st

U19/U18 (1999-2000): 5:10pm-6:20pm
U17/U16 (2001-2002): 6:30pm-7:40pm
U15/U14 (2003-2004): 7:50pm-9:00pm

***03 and 04 are at the same time but are SEPARATE teams.

Riverside Park: 3969 Round Bottom Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45244

What to wear:
Wear all dark - jacket or sweatshirt/shirt, training pants/shorts, and socks. Bring a white top with you. Make sure you dress accordingly for the weather. 

Weather hotline:
Check our social media outlets for any changes.

Waiver required:
Click here to print the Identification Center Waiver. Please fill out the waiver and bring it with you to the Identification Center.